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US Open Golf Championship 2022 Public Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Julie Rafferty
But the folks coming out of Lee Street can go in either direction, even though they are coming out at basically the same place?
Julie Rafferty
Sorry, I mean Clyde Street. Lee, Clyde and Country all come together at pretty much the same place
Tracie Burns
It looks like you have thought through a lot of this street-by-street detail, and are thinking about how people effectively use bikes and citibikes. that's great. please mention what steps you are taking to mitigate the green house gas emissions for players, officials, etc traveling to Brookline?
Lisa Cunningham
Can you please show the bicycle access to the country club again
Lisa Cunningham
and I have another question
Darcy Pfeifer
Given that school will be in session past this tournament, is there communication happening between this group and Heath School regarding potential remote learning since this will impact our students and fulltime working parents?
Darcy Pfeifer
Also, I thought the construction at Larz was delayed so will it be done for the walking access as suggested?
Erin Gallentine
Hi Darcy - the pathway (bridge) at Larz Anderson Park is scheduled to be ready by the USOpen in June.
Yolanta Kovalko
How many residents/guest hang tags passes will be given by household?
Lisa Cunningham
devon the screen disappeared
Keri Pyke
Tracie - Zoom isn't letting me change my name to add my company. It's Howard Stein Hudson. I'm a Principal.
Tracie Burns
if you provided shuttle busses directly from Logan, it would reduce rental car usage. shuttles could be free, and parking could be expensive.... to encourage less cars.
Seth Evans
What will prevent a massive inflow of cars toward 2 main parking lots, — both of which are accessed from Newton St. —which are bound to fill up quickly? If they are all circling back and forth on Newton St., we would have a big traffic problem!
Darcy Pfeifer
Yes, Kristen, thank you for the invite for tomorrow but given the increase in cases, we are not able to attend. Maybe when cases decrease, our neighborhood would attend. Those in buttonwood, will defiantly, be impacted by this tournament and, as you can imagine, not excited about this.
Seth Evans
There is a LOT of space in the Country Club’s parking lot near the corner of Clyde and Lee. It seems feasible to include bike parking there. People could cross at the pedestrian crosswalk at Larkin!
Elizabeth Tully
As a neighbor of the Club, nice job to everyone here tonight with a special "shout-out" to the police & fire departments." Thank you!
Paul Cullinane
Thank You Elizabeth;
Lisa Cunningham
Thank you for tonight's presentation!
Tracie Burns
Thank you Mel, Erin and all panelists for hosting this. It's been very helpful.