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Boylston Street Corridor Mtg for TMMs 4-6 - Shared screen with speaker view
wendy machmuller
June 9 Forum: https://www.brooklinema.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24816/Boylston-forum_Jun-9-2021
Virginia Smith
Yes! I was glad to see it in the Preserve category.
wendy machmuller
Ginnie, yes, the Madras bldg? (Cypress/Rt 9) That is under the Preserve category. UHaul has no interest in leaving the site.
wendy machmuller
Presentation from Bulfinch: https://www.brooklinema.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24953/21_0621_10-Brookline-Place_Final-to-BSSC
Virginia Smith
I would be very much in favor of a much larger (and nicer!) 22 High Street, but I think the proposal of a bio lab at Brookline Place is not the best (safest) use in a dense neighborhood with lots of family and is oversized and will cast a big shadow on Station Street and on the T.
wendy machmuller
And the BHA presentation that Kara mentioned: https://www.brooklinema.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24708/BHA-ppt-5-10-21
Carlos Ridruejo
Stephen, thank you for thoughtful suggestions
wendy machmuller
Yes, we think we can pull some of that data from VHG for the dedicated bus lane
Virginia Smith
Great point, Heather, re: Route 9 turning into the one-lane Huntington Ave (with the T-line)
wendy machmuller
Stephen yes agree, the consensus for overall vision for this "corridor" is a focus on pedestrians not cars.
Nadine Gerdts
We do need to agree about what type of space we want to create — it pedestrians and bicyclists are to be prioritized to create a lively environment equivalent to Beacon St. then we need to work toward that goal in terms of reducing car speed - it should be doable.
wendy machmuller
And Stephen and Emily thank you for raising your hands, we will get to attendees as well!
wendy machmuller
Stephen, yes, a focus on pedestrians... there has been consensus about that back from the Visioning process.
wendy machmuller
Thanks for the link, Anthony!
Carlos Ridruejo
Thank you Lisa for highlighting these important common goals.
wendy machmuller
And still do, Walnut backs up every weekday morning
Carlos Ridruejo
Mass DOT will have the final say on what happens on this portion of Boylston Street.
wendy machmuller
MASCO is very opposed to a dedicated bus lane, and I don't imagine that they have any interest in reducing lanes. But these are people coming from west in, and as Wendy F said, the shuttles can be better utilized.
Scott Englander
The Longfellow Bridge reconstruction project — which over 2 years reduced or eliminated its capacity to various degrees. What we saw was that most of the traffic simply “evaporated.” I.e., people found other alternatives or just eliminated low-value trips.
Carlos Ridruejo
Appropriate traffic studies will be conducted when Mass DOT considers our proposals.
wendy machmuller
I recall that Toole Design didn't think a reversible lane would be successful in this area
wendy machmuller
Or advisable. Maybe someone else on the Committee can recall why that is the case.
Nadine Gerdts
I think it is helpful to envision a better road that is joy to bike down — that the need to get rid of cars becomes a reality and the T improves and cars aren’t necessary to get to the LMA or downtown — we need to think long term
Scott Englander
Anthony: Thanks for that link — great article. I’m pasting it here again for attendees as well: https://www.fastcompany.com/90653986/traffic-devastates-local-streets-in-more-ways-than-youd-think
wendy machmuller
Thank you Nadine, yes!
Scott Englander
Traffic isn’t something that just happens to us — it is a direct result of what we design for. If we design to prioritize people and de-emphasize traffic, we’ll get more people and less traffic.
Virginia Smith
I seem to remember an idea that was floated when we were looking into expanding the high school, which was to sink Route 9, cover it, and have green space on top. Probably lots of problems associated with it and far too expensive, but that would certainly bring together the two sides of Route 9 in a people-friendly, environmentally friend, place.
Virginia Smith
Wendy Friedman
Virginia, that was my personal dream of how/where to put a 9th school.
Kara Brewton
@Stephen - what Toole Design’s charge is regarding Boylston: to further develop up to three different concepts for Boylston Street design (in concert with their communication with MassDOT, past traffic studies, etc.) but NOT including a full technical analysis - as I mentioned before, the goal is to document WHETHER there is community support for significant change - the Committee for example might recommend two or three options that need to be further developed with MassDOT moving forward.
Virginia Smith
Thank you, excellent and thought-provoking meeting.
Thank you for this discussion!
Emily Jacobsen
Thanks to all the committee members. So many great ideas.
Kim Smith
Thanks everyone!
Wendy Friedman
Thanks everyone for joining us and sticking it out!