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Boylston Street Corridor Neighborhood Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Lewis
Note: only the middle span of the Davis Path footbridge has been removed. This is less than one third of the original structure.
Abby Swaine
Gosh, what does it take to get the businesses to respond? 4% is poor.
Amy Emmert
That’s what we are seeing. Strentht
Kara Brewton
Kara Brewton
Reposting from Wendy Friedman to all attendees: Frances, you are right that no one mentioned LWMA other than to say that the corridor provided access to that area. It's not officially in the corridor, so that might be why. Instead people commented on the corridor being an asset in that it provided easy access to that area.
Wendy Fridman
And please add your questions / comments to the Jam Board if we run out of time to have you speak.
Susan Kaplan
Barrett trees
Abby Swaine
It would be great to encourage (or require??) any rental housing development/redevelopment in the corridor to include MORE than 6 units, since that’s the threshold for state standards kicking in to mandate that at least one unit built as accessible be included, and that the rest of the units be adaptable. Brookline really lacks housing that is accessible to those who use wheelchairs. I think many of my fellow residents must not know how downsizing development costs us equity credibility in terms of accessible housing.
Susan Kaplan
Is this the meeting to address the traffic pattern that has been created as a result of the gateway changes- IE- no left turn into the Brook house going west. Traffic has increased as a result of having to go up 2 lights to make a left and go around the fire station and deal with another light. It could take 10 minutes longer to get back to the BH. It doesn’t make sense -
Susan Kaplan
The BH is the largest property in the area and attention should be paid
Susan Kaplan
Thank you
Susan Kaplan
Will do
Susan Kaplan
Where are you going to put all the added cars that would be on the road?
Susan Kaplan
How dense do we want this area to be-
Susan Kaplan
BTW- what about adding car charging stations
Scott Englander
Apologies, I need to run to Town Meeting. Will try to watch the rest on video once posted!
Carlos Ridruejo
Fyi… town meeting is delayed because of a fire alarm
William Salomon
Wendy... Thanks for your noting my Question Re: BH and the 2 Brookline "problem".
Abby Swaine
Hmmm… regarding the Audy site, if you re-zone to allow greater massing, aren’t you giving the parcel a development potential that no sane current owner could resist cashing in on? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but there may be a “cost” for some of us sooner than later.
William Salomon
Kara - Thanks for the "nod". This also resulted in an increase in the "heat island" effect. Fortunately, the renovation of the Riverway area helps with this.
William Salomon
Also - kudos to adding trees along the corridor.
Hannah Pressler
Remember that the traffic signals have to provide adequate time for elderly residents to cross Rte 9 - lacking at the BrookHouse crossing to reach the Hilton garden and its restaurant. It is dangerous.
Susan Kaplan
Hannah- thank you for bringing this issue up
William Salomon
As it is, parking along the corridor as always been "iffy".. Better one side of "safe parking" with good clearance to the lanes than what we have now.
Wendy Fridman
Thanks for that, Hannah. We are talking about if/how to provide more crosswalks at more convenient locations, but we will also discuss crossing times at lights.
Abby Swaine
I confess that after even more decades of process than we’ve spent on this exercise, the Gateway East streetscape at the NETA intersection is a bit of a disappointment. The vast paved area, multiple lanes striped for different car movements, and gently curved rather than sharp corners (which allow for faster vehicle turns) communicate a very pedestrian-hostile vibe. Let’s avoid doing that again—Todd Kirrane and Bill Smith can tell us what to watch out for if you open the Pandora’s Box that is MassHighway.
William Salomon
John - this requires some rethinking of left turns on Rt 9 - particularly at Cypress St. and having "protected" left turns.
William Salomon
Please clarify "NETA" intersection...
Abby Swaine
"NETA" intersection is where Washington, Boylston and High come together.
Susan Kaplan
You can’t get away from the fact that people drive on rte 9 to goin or out of Boston. It is not a street, it has become a highway
Abby Swaine
Thank you for doing this outreach! It was a good idea to post signs about these meetings at Emerson Garden, to reach some who don't pay attention to neighborhood google group emails.
Kara Brewton
Kara Brewton email: kbrewton@brooklinema.gov