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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Benjamin Sommers
Benjamin Sommers
Thanks all - happy holidays everyone!
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
Hi @Cindy. Yes this has been a significant conversation among the Driscoll building project team and we have broken it down by phase (during the different phases of construction). January until construction fences go up around part of the campus (March 1), March until the playground goes offline (end of June), and then again starting in September. Topics have been current school ventilation, extra HEPA filters that may be needed, how recess and mask breaks will happen, how constrained the construction area can possibly be, dust control, air quality monitoring, etc. etc. The meeting was recorded and will be on the PSB website hopefully early next week.
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
@Cindy happy to. (That's from one of my other hats as Driscoll building committee co-chair so I am happy to answer any other questions just email me, susan_ditkoff@psbma.org)