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Pierce School Building Project Community Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 2/2
Jamie Yadoff - Interim Principal, Pierce School
Overview of the Massachusetts School Building Authority process, review the existing conditions at Pierce School, overview of the educational program, current design plans, early relocation update (no firm plans), Q&A
Jen Carlson - Leftfield - Project Manager
The term "Media Center" is just what the MSBA requires that the team calls the Library in the project documents, but the design team is designing the space to the needs of the school. There are a few spaces that have been renamed to align with the MSBA's guidelines.
Lawrence Whitney
In considering options for space beyond Old Lincoln, how much is maintaining the strong sense of community across the school being prioritized in selecting potential rental options? Will options more proximate to Old Lincoln be prioritized?
Naomi Sweitzer
will the bathrooms be for All Genders? what kind of lighting and more extensive privacy measures be available in the bathrooms?
Naomi Sweitzer
How many elevators will the buildings have and where will they be located?
Naomi Sweitzer
the Old Lincoln School is a solid traditional brick school building and it received bathroom upgrades and air conditioning!
Timothy Chezar
How long do we expect the students to be at the alternative locations? Thank you
Naomi Sweitzer
when is override scheduled for?
Naomi Sweitzer
Is anyone working to change that outdated plumbing code that requires gendered bathrooms?
Naomi Sweitzer
yes thank you!
Naomi Sweitzer
will there be outdoor drop off and pick up spaces that are covered for families to wait for children in rain/snow/hot sun?
Andrew Shalit
I’m scratching my head over the construction of school that will fit fewer kids than are currently enrolled. Pierce normally has a large number of kids whose families are visiting from other countries, doing fellowships in the medical area, etc. Those kids are absent now, because of the pandemic. How confident is everyone of the demographic projections showing that Pierce will have fewer kids in the future than it does now, even when foreign visitors return?
Jamie Yadoff - Interim Principal, Pierce School
Andrew, Driscoll is opening as a 4 section school, which absorbs a huge number of students in buffer zones. We are soon going to be a 4 section building (and hopefully forever more so!).
Khalid Tikriti
who is going to design the rooms for the theater program? any specialty involved?
Andrew Shalit
Thanks, Jamie.
Jamie Yadoff - Interim Principal, Pierce School
Khalid, those are spaces being designed for school use during the day and that will serve the play and other after school activities as well. There are design specialists for those spaces, yes.
Khalid Tikriti
thank you
Naomi Sweitzer
I am asking about covered space because parents are not allowed in the building during drop off and pick up so having outdoor covered space is important if that policy will remain in place. we want to make the school as pedestrian and bike and stroller friendly as possible and having a covered drop off space will encourage this
Virginia Smith
I really like what you’re planning to do on School street with the wider sidewalk, profusion of trees, and generous space for parents to sit and wait, which really adds to the sense of community, so important to the life of our schools.
Rebeca Salguero
Where is the school garden located?
Virginia Smith
I have often wondered about Pierce School using the sloped hill behind the Health Building for larger class gardens. At the very least, it needs to have a sidewalk in the middle for passage bc it can get very muddy/slippery so a sidewalk up the hill would be useful.
Naomi Sweitzer
can those transportation board meetings put in the weekly Principal update and the Bridge?
Naomi Sweitzer
it would still be helpful to have them in the Pierce communications because the town website is hard to navigate and sign up for notifications
Mike Chan - PSB Communications
Naomi Sweitzer
thank you for this information on the plumbing code. zoning and building codes impacting our lives!
Naomi Sweitzer
thanks to the building team for all your work designing the school and shepherding the process
Andrew Shalit
Can we get more cat shots?
Naomi Sweitzer