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Boylston Street Corridor Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Kara Brewton
For everyone here - some context - the Committee is trying to go from four concepts previously presented at the forum on June 9th down to two or three concepts for Toole Design to then further refine. And… the concepts could be combinations or modifications of the four shown previously. Toole Design’s final work and then the Committee’s recommendations this fall will then be folded into DPW’s ongoing conversations with MassDOT moving forward.
Wendy Friedman
Yup, I can weigh in too
Deborah Brown
What a thoughtful discussion.
Deborah Brown
Would like trees at 154-156. It is residential housing
Deborah Brown
Good point. Forget the trees.
Kara Brewton
Hi, Marianne- Yes, some conversation over the years has been about providing underground parking on the Boylston St. playground. Some of our merchants think that would be too far, though!