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Economic Development Advisory Board - Shared screen with speaker view
Meredith L. Mooney
One of the benefits of Brookline's participation in the LRRP is access to the Rapid Recovery Program Technical Assistance Webinar Series, a series hosted by the MA Department of Housing and Community Development to show case existing projects in certain topic areas as potential project ideas for our community.These webinars are open to the community members of LRRP "grant" recipients. Brookline residents, committee and board members are strongly encouraged to participate in or view as many of these webinars - which will also be recorded and posted to the Local Rapid Recovery Plan website - as possible given the valuable learning opportunities this series presents.
Meredith L. Mooney
Sandi Silk
Do we want to add anything to this related to the Green Street discussion on retail subsidy?
Sandi Silk
Not sure if this is an appropriate place for that or not?
Kara Brewton
Link to Term Sheet in agenda and at: https://www.brooklinema.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24973/July-5-Laboratory-Research-Regulatory-Term-Sheet-DRAFT
Carol Levin
Glamping on the golf course - we get extra lodging tax
Meredith L. Mooney
Last week, DICR announced the launch to two new resources for Brookline businesses: a Diverse and Inclusive Business Directory, and a ‘Access and Inclusion’ information session for businesses:Brookline’s Diverse and Inclusive Business Directory webpage: https://www.brooklinema.gov/1981/Diverse-and-Inclusive-Business-Directory.Link to last week’s virtual launch of these new resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IokmXL3LmlE.