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Police Commissioners Advisory Committee - Public Hearing - Shared screen with speaker view
Martin Rosenthal
in queue for comment, pls, believing its last on agenda. thnx
Martin Rosenthal
1987 Police Comm'y Relations Rpt (adopted 5-0 by SBd):More than for any other municipal agency, for a police department, "public confidence" is a critical end in and of itself.… In general, it is not easy to define or implement the role of the Board of Selectmen as Police Commissioners. As civilians, the Selectmen must appoint a top-quality Chief of Police, then rely heavily on the Chief for professional guidance to the Board and management of the Department. However, as the elected representatives of the community's fundamental values, the Board cannot abdicate its policy responsibilities by delegating excessive authority, if not autonomy, to the Department.
Martin Rosenthal
PCAC Charge: "The purpose of the Committee shall be to assist the Select Board on an ongoing basis to improve policing services in Brookline and to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and effective PoliceDepartment and, in so doing, promote public trust and confidence in policing in Brookline."
Martin Rosenthal
1 more, a publ/cmmnt time limit should be in agenda, pls
Ann Braga
SB vote is 4/5 not tomorrow.
bernard greene
'The SB will vote on April 5, not tomorrow. The SB has been told they will have opportunity to meet with Mr. Gonzalez before April 5.
Martin Rosenthal
(PROPOSED) S-Bd vote's next week; Sbd needs to hear tomorrow nite to SLOW DOWN & allow (meaningful) community input -- after getting answers about the process, & WHY an outsider (negative for morale!) was appropriate.
Martin Rosenthal
Bernard: tell us why he was chosen?
Martin Rosenthal
Bernard: How can WE have confidence when we've NOT been told WHY he's proposed?
Susan Park
Was wondering if my questions were answered. If you wouldn’t mind giving a quick recap. 1- What were the “Other felonies”specifically under the “Arrests by Offenses and Residency” and 2- moving forward can you also include the complaints for public cannabis consumption calls and were there calls this year about public cannabis consumption? Thank you.