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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Benjamin Sommers
And it’s a trigger to consider other mitigation strategies, not necessarily a full shutdown
Amie Lindenboim
First grade may be go back in person f/t at only 5 ft—only a few potential contacts if a positive test w/5 ft distance
Tal Kenet
This is a great point, and something the panel can help with: The district set Nov 16 as the switch date between the two models, but it would make a LOT of sense to let hybrid families who love the remote SWITCH to remote, BEFORE starting hybrid….
Tal Kenet
They’re worried about RLA switching to hybrid. BUT, there’s no reason for the deadline the other way...
Amie Lindenboim
and the first survey in early August was misreported to the public—majority wanted f/t in person
Tal Kenet
Yes, but as Ben said, a LOT of families are finding they’re loving it, in the older grade
Tal Kenet
To their surprise… Might be worth a chat with Marini, to make the opt from hybrid to RLA BEFORE hybrid starts… Miminize cohort mixing!
Cindy Elias
“First grade may be go back in person f/t at only 5 ft—only a few potential contacts if a positive test w/5 ft distance”…SC said K-* distancing at 6’ at last night’s meeting, I believe.
Cindy Elias
Amie Lindenboim
Refusal to go from 6 to 5 at 1st grade means these kids at this age are denied full accessible education. And to say “a lot” of parents of older kids “love” remote is a bit strong
Tal Kenet
This was my own takeaway from last night’s meeting too - a LOT of older grades parents and teachers saying older grades working REALLY well with remote full time synchronous, and terrified of switching, and we KNOW first and second grade parents are desperate for in person time...
Tal Kenet
This COULD be a win-win…
Benjamin Sommers
That is my sense too.
Benjamin Sommers
right - this is why getting more data would be really good!
Cindy Elias
Weren’t the ventilation recommendations based on 6’ distancing? If distancing were to be reduced, would ventilation benchmarks have to be adjusted (increase hourly air exchanges/filter levels)?
Benjamin Sommers
Having to field another survey is time consuming, but flying blind on these decisions is worse.
Tal Kenet
Sounds like two things can be done about this: (1) A survey to older grades (3+?) currently in hybrid, asking if now that they know the “at home” week will be mostly asynchronous, would they prefer to move to hybrid? We can guess all we want, but only those families know… And (2) Make is possible to switch to RLA from hybrid (one way only) BEFORE hybrid begins (for K-8).
Tal Kenet
((Should have been - “prefer to move to RLA)
Amie Lindenboim
1st grade more likely than older grades to be in diff’t cohort/pod/daycare on remote days,vs just being w/cohort 5 days a week
Amie Lindenboim
especially schools where extended day on site not reopening
Amie Lindenboim
so sticking to your guns on 6 ft because teachers cannot understand relative risk means that this district FAILS first graders.
Benjamin Sommers
I have to leave now - thank you everybody. I’ll aim to have PSB specific metrics for next week’s meeting.
Amie Lindenboim
pierce—why not use large library meeting rooms and unused meeting rooms at town hall for lunch??
Amie Lindenboim
although those could possibly be used for 1st grades too
Lakshman Swamy
I hear you! I know outside easier said than done, but it is a real treasure to have an outside with fresh air (and not smoke and ash like some places). We should use it as much as possible.
Matt Gillis
Thank you to the expert panelists helping PSB make the better judgements about improving the school environment!