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Police Commissioners Advisory Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Almas Dossa
Not from me, thanks for asking
Carolina San Miguel
Carolina San Miguel. Community Engagement Strategist. csanmiguel@brooklinema.gov, 617 730-2640. Thank you all for inviting me and please feel free to reach out!
Martin Rosenthal
Is this (public demos draft & 269 secs 1 &2, c. 6E sec 14) being published for public feedback. I'm tied up
Martin Rosenthal
If possible please put everything -- including Paul's statutory/constit'l citations -- on website. As Paul knows, lots of I believe caselaw discusses the tension between 1st Amendment & things like Disorderly Person, Disturbing the Peace (e.g. my Orlando case in '70's). Also the 1987 PCR reports emphasizes (& the then S-Bd adopted as a policy, later often ignored) public input (hearings) for policy proposals. MR (dog lover)
Martin Rosenthal
1987, adopted by S-Bd: "All such policy issues should be docketed for preliminarydiscussion by the Selectmen after input andrecommendations from the Chief relative to backgroundand alternative strategies. After furtherresearch or investigation, such issues shouldgenerally be decided only after a public hearing.Broad community input should be solicited, particularlyfrom groups, agencies, or individuals known tohave interest or knowledge in such issues."
Martin Rosenthal
was written before PCAC