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Advisory Council for Public Health - Shared screen with speaker view
Ann Braga
I am also on the call.
Roland Lankah
Roland Lankah
can I talk?
Dave Gacioch (he/him) TMM13
Please consider requiring Town public safety staff to be fully vaccinated and boosted (absent individual exemption for bona fide religious or documented medical reasons) as a condition of employment, and making opportunities to get vaccinated/boosted readily available to them. That would be a nice compliment to the exemption for public safety personnel that Commissioner Maloney just discussed. All PSB educators and staff are already subject to such a requirement (at least covering full initial vaccination).
Simona Rits
Just curious, has this measure actually helped slow the spread in NYC? I was under the impression the numbers are exploding there anyway
Simona Rits
Isn't Brookline already over 90% vaccinated?