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Solid Waste Advisory Committee Zero Waste Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandra Vecchio
Please feel free to type questions in the Q & A box or raise your hand and we can promote you so you can ask your question.
Deane Coady
when did you work with LA? What results have they seen so far??
Deane Coady
50% reduction from 2015 to 2030? DPW has already had a nearly 4,000 drop since 2015 which represents one third drop! I think!
Erin Gallentine
A couple other items to keep on the radar in terms of priorities for the plan include regional approaches and best practices. I also think that we should encourage ourselves to be innovative and potentially pilot projects and take risks to determine what is most effective and works for Brookline.
Erin Gallentine
Composting is a newer initiative for the Town. Should this be a primary focus moving forward? Are there other areas that SWAC or the Public think are categories that need more attention?
Erin Gallentine
Thank you Kaity!
Deane Coady
ditto what Susan says!
Erin Gallentine
Developing future leaders in sustainability is an interesting and powerful goal!
Susan Rittling
We need some strategies to implement reuse/repair
Clint Richmond
I think it is impressive that Black Earth has passed Green Electricity!
Deane Coady
No Eva. Stick with backyard composting. Might be the best!!
Clint Richmond
People who consume meat may find backyard composting challenging. Compostable plastics are also not usually backyard compostable.
Clint Richmond
I would not rule out the Town offering composting as a service