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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Benjamin Linas
I think that both are good measures, but different. If the denominator is all cases in PSB, then we are saying “of all the cases we have, what proportion are from in the building?” When we place all person-time in the denominator, we are saying “what is the incidence of COVID transmission in our buildings?” I think both are good questions.
Jenny Tam
Yes big shout out to Jin Suk for sticker design!
Benjamin Linas
We appreciate it.
Lakshman Swamy
Re: Long covid- I would also add that there are a substantial number of patients who repeatedly test negative for COVID but have very real 'long covid' symptoms. this is probably because other problems are "surging" at the same time as COVID- especially mental health disease and other health conditions that haven't gotten the proper attention b/c of the pandemic. So as Ben said, lots of smoke means something is happening, I would say there is probably more than one kind of fire. I think the same is probably true for kids, especially as we've said re: mental health crisis.
Lakshman Swamy
hi all if it wasn't already mentioned please complete the survey re pooled testing!
Jenny Tam
Just to close the loop for Dave’s earlier question re: pooled testing numbers for student (and staff) from last week and this week:Week of 3/29 - 4/2 (last week)(*Cohort B not tested)520 staff tests1474 student tests= 1994 total testsALL NEGATIVEWeek of 4/5 - 4/9 (this week)482 staff tests2021 student tests= 2503 total testsALL NEGATIVE
Nira Pollock
I think the masking is felt to have contributed most to low flu incidence
Lakshman Swamy
This is the survey link: https://forms.gle/gSNdThMKnfN9gXmZA please encourage parents to fill it out!