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Boylston Street Corridor Study Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Deborah Brown
Let’s assume that someone wants to build 80-100 rental units with 40 being low income and 60 market rates. With one level of underground parking how could the numbers work given your scenarios?
Kara Brewton
Hi, David S - I see your hand up; feel free to use the chat feature as well to ask your question or comment, as we wrap up with Committee questions and comments first
Kara Brewton
@ Carla - Yes, Brookline Housing Authority properties are exempt with regards to property tax.
Deborah Brown
Wendy, I agree. Make it a place where people want to go.
Deborah Brown
I think that we could do it. Livability is key.
Deborah Brown
I agree as well. This is about a vision for the area. What interest are we creating? Who would want to live and do business there?