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Boylston Street Corridor Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendy Machmuller
The parking lot currently owned by the same owner of the NETA building. In the future, they might off-load that and sell it. Maybe Jennifer has thoughts on this?
Wendy Machmuller
Back to affordable housing... in the proposed zoning it is specified that at least one on-site unit be built. Would we instead consider requiring 10% on-site units, but no less that one unit per residential building, whichever is greater? With some language to that respect.
Wendy Machmuller
I can meet (no video)
Wendy Machmuller
I thought it DID pass for micro-units at River Rd
Kara Brewton
That is right, Wendy. But not Townwide
Wendy Machmuller
Thanks all