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Police Commissioners Advisory Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Kaplan
Any member of the public wish to speak?
John VanScoyoc
no comment
Martin Rosenthal
bernard greene
Hello too
Martin Rosenthal
On Paul's subcommittee I/we talked about some very general and non-binding guidelines/criteria, at least for the more discetionary stops, as per PCR report, Fn 61, "see Commonwealth v. Lang Lek __ Mass. __ (Mass. App. Ct. 2/11/21)(an admitted pretext stop case, but evidence suppressed on other grounds): “We echo the concerns... of the SJC in its recent decision in Long, 485 Mass. at 726-730, and note that a policy of unbridled discretion is an obvious invitation to arbitrary action and, particularly when the few things known about a vehicle seen on the street can include the driver's race, it would obviously be a matter of concern were such a policy adopted, at leastwithout strict and explicit criteria for its use.”
Jennifer Paster
No. That is also prohibited by policy.
Martin Rosenthal
public hearings (implicitly) can be combined with ohther committees