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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Lakshman Swamy
I agree, these are the challenges we have to anticipate with any change we make with masks. it won't be simple.
Lakshman Swamy
thanks-- I agree. we have to determine how much risk is there. it's probably more of a question of no restrictions on volume (but stay in your seat) vs silence. hard to control anything in-between.
John Kleschinsky
Agreed Sarena about the upcoming school breaks. The Commissioner mentioned he wanted to see how rates change after February break.
Nira Pollock
Stacey—nurses are still observing cases within classrooms and looking for connections to cases in those around them, even if they aren’t doing formal contact tracing. Plus PSB is monitoring school cases weekly
Nira Pollock
But good question. Best would be formal contact tracing to get that data—but just hasn’t been feasible
Nira Pollock
I think Cindy’s comment is important in that it’s key to make sure that no-one feels pressure to NOT wear a mask. This will come up every winter from now on, I think
Lakshman Swamy
I agree Elliot, but the question I'm weighing is how high the risk is of not being in school at all. if we can be confident that we won't have in school transmission it is clearer to me. at some point we have to move towards that. but losing in person is worse I think than masked in person so it is not an easy move.
Nira Pollock
Masking has still prevented transmission with omicron. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think concretely about off ramps and criteria for those.
Nira Pollock
Lots of vaccinated people have been infected with omicron, but that doesn’t mean masks haven’t been effective. They still are. But we still need to think about when to take them off. Need to align with Brookline DH and they are not yet decided either about the thresholds…
David Gacioch
@Elliott -- because kids are required to be in school and in the lunch room; adults get to choose whether or not to dine indoors
Lakshman Swamy
we've discussed those points in depth in prior meetings
Serena Rajabiun
Sorry folks I have to sign off! Have a great weekend and stay warm.
Jenny M Tam
Echoing the shout out! And want to add all staff including teachers, cafeteria workers, etc!
Lakshman Swamy
Robert, it does not change oxygen levels. that doesn't mean it is comfortable and doesn't lead to fatigue but not related to oxygen
Lakshman Swamy
agree, we need to be agile about that. and we need to know what triggers the change in either direction.
Sarita Chung
Thanks everyone!