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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Susan (Host)
Revised guidance on quarantine: https://www.mass.gov/guidance/information-and-guidance-for-persons-in-quarantine-due-to-covid-19
Susan (Host)
Way to go, Nira!
Susan (Host)
As our weekly reminder, if you’re a PSB employee, and you’re in the Attendee group, and you want to join the discussion as a full panelist, please just let us know and we would be very happy to switch you over. Thanks! Susan
Susan (Host)
Also as my weekly reminder — Chats are public records and are posted along with the video of Panel 4 meetings online.
Benjamin Sommers
if you can put Q’s in the Q&A it’s easier for us to answer, especially if we don’t get to it right away. I mentioned the PSB numbers we are aware of - 5 cases this week and roughly 10 per 100,000 daily in PSB - but for confidentiality reasons we are not being notified whether these are teacher/staff or student cases
Susan (Host)
Hi @Cindy, I am sorry, I don’t know (“Hi Susan- Question: Are there any restrictions on staff regarding the self-disclosure of a positive diagnosis?”). If you need me to ask I can, just let me know what specifically you’re looking for.
Lakshman Swamy
absolutely- it is something we think about all the time-- the risk to anyone, especially someone in our community, is taken very seriously. hope your family member is well & gets care through all of this- a critical time for them
Lakshman Swamy
My question for the teachers is how that distanced teaching compares to zoom/asynchronous- if anyone can join & comment that'd be great
Benjamin Sommers
Thanks Matt - we are really appreciate of all you’re doing and your willingness to join our meetings
Lakshman Swamy
Thanks Katt. Teaching at 6 feet away with a face shield and mask is certainly not optimal. I'm operating on the belief that it is still often better education than zoom/asynchronous for a variety of reasons. That may not be true in all cases, but that is the benefit we are weighing against the risk, which we are reducing as much as possible. I would not accept a high risk for _any_ quality of education.
Katt McGraw
I am a math specialist and have many hundred students each week
Lakshman Swamy
eye protection is standard protection for many of us now. the evidence does exist to support it at least as an association
Lakshman Swamy
increasing ventilation standards, on the other hand, will have diminishing returns
Katt McGraw
I see three grades, all classes, 4-7 cohorts per day. I am in classrooms close to students to see and hear their thinking
Katt McGraw
I broke my caseload into two cycles so that I see 200 one cycle and 200 in the next cycle
Lakshman Swamy
https://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/Page/2621 our documents
Lakshman Swamy
ventilation: https://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/cms/lib/MA01907509/Centricity/Domain/62/PSB%20Advisory%20Panel%204%20-%20Statement%20on%20Indoor%20Environment_Final_8.21.20.pdf
Lakshman Swamy
Be right bak sorry
Nira Pollock
Yes, well said, Dave. Have to go to another meeting, apologies.
mark hoffman
i have a bobblehead you can borrow if matt is too busy to provide operational feedback ;)