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Advisory Council for Public Health - Shared screen with speaker view
Maxim Sheinin
I have seen the prior analysis, but am not convinced by the conclusion. While Brookline did have an excess of cases over Boston, other towns like Newton, Lexington and Cambridge did not. So it's unclear that anything would have been different with mask mandate staying on in Brookline. I would appreciate having an opportunity to discuss this in more details with the town analysts. Thanks!
Dr. Natalia Linos
Hi Maxim - the preprint will hopefully be out in a week or two and includes ALL school districts in MA that lifted versus those that didn't (so not specific to Brookline but will help answer your question). This is not done by a town analyst but an independent researcher, who is actually working partially with the Boston Public Health Commission.
Sebastian Beck Jorgensen
Wouldn't we now be at at state that we need to show that that the mask mandate is not only working with a meaningful effect AND that benefits clearly exceeds clearly side effects before reinstating next time. Its a bit counter intuitive to me that we still are considering mask for kids while supportive evidence is somewhat lacking.
Dr. John Kleschinsky