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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarita Chung
Thank you to all: Nira, Jenny, Grady, Tricia and all the health staff. This is an amazing feat!
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
As always, if you are a PSB staff member and would like to join today’s conversation as a full panelist (on or off video) please let me know and we’d be happy to switch you over. Thanks! Susan
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
Mass General Brigham Urgent Care, 1285 Beacon St., BrooklinePhysician One Urgent Care, 1210 Boylston St., Chestnut HillBIDMC, 1290 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill
Benjamin Linas
Not of which I am aware. That in itself is some form of data. Given that there is a lot of outdoor dining happening, if outdoor dining were a he risk, we should have at least one cluster documented now.
Benjamin Linas
*big risk
Libby Kun
I’m sorry, I feel like we moved on and didn’t figure a plan for mealtimes. Is that part of negotiations? We would really like to know how to handle bad weather.
David Gacioch
To summarize unmasked (e.g., meal) time recommendations: (1) outside if possible (try to keep 6 feet); (2) inside at 6 feet with the existing enhanced ventilation in place and keep duration reasonably limited; (3) inside at 3-6 feet with existing enhanced ventilation and physical droplet barriers and keep duration reasonably limited.
David Gacioch
School-specific and room-specific application is being decided by each building leadership team, in consultation with educators/staff, PSB Operations, PSB School Health, Panel 4, etc.
Vishakha Sabharwal
Thanks Carolyn