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Police Commissioners' Advisory Committee - Shared screen with speaker view
Martin Rosenthal
I'd urge everyone to read the Reform Comm'ee report, which discusses at length (a) the Complaint Proceures, including the 1987 adoption of (de novo) "civilian review"; and (b) the B.Knable-K.Race report from ~'17-8. For now, (1) I think the (Lloyd) Liaison role still needs better integration into the procedures; and (2) 1 huge issue I've harped upon, p. 2 "The availability of these separate complaint procedures, in addition to the GO, allows a complainant who alleges discriminatory conduct by police to choose among available avenues of complaint, or to utilize multiple avenues." This confusion came up in the Amy Hall (still pending?) case; and I believe cops have a valid objection to especially a CDICR investigation.
Martin Rosenthal
Pursuant to G.L. c. 31, § 41, the Chief or the Town shall file a written request and notify the parties that the hearing shall be public unless: i. The accused officer does not file a written request for a public Disciplinary Hearing, and ii. The accused officer or the employer-complainant requests a closed Disciplinary Hearing, the requirements of G.L. c. 31, § 41 are met, and the Board votes for a closed session.
Martin Rosenthal
Can you wait & get more feedback? MD: I'm looking at full Policies, p. 526, sect E.3.b