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Advisory Council on Public Health - Shared screen with speaker view
Dave Gacioch
Would be helpful to clarify how the vaccination data accounts for the 02467 ZIP code issue that has confounded MA DPH reporting of vax rates.
Lakshman Swamy
sharing the access for free on demand telehealth eval for paxlovid- here's the state link: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/free-telehealth-for-covid-19-treatment-with-paxlovid#:~:text=Telehealth%20is%20a%20quick%20and,5%20p.m.%20Monday%20%2D%20Friday
Lakshman Swamy
you'll get a same day (often same hour) video visit and after consultation they can send the script to your pharmacy immediately. all free, and paxlovid is free too.
Nira Pollock
and I forgot to add: the Panel 4 idea was that this would be a *temporary* mandate, specifically while in the CDC “orange" zone.
Dr. Tori Cowger
Yes – Boston chelsea and Brookline all use the state's take home rapid test program and in addition boston is doing pooled testing, so it’s likely that Boston is doing more testing than brookline
Tricia Laham
Thank you for allowing me to participate and for all of your opinions.
Dr. Tori Cowger
Thanks for having me!