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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
Hi, as always, if there are any PSB Staff members who would like to join today’s discussion as a panelist, please let us know and I will move you over (on or off camera). Thanks! Susan
Pat Maher
Are there recommendations re how long/how many days they can be used? They look great.
Lakshman Swamy
we'll put more guidance on how to use and reuse these masks in writing next week, but first we want to see how people like them. Plan is for teachers to get up to 2 masks for now; we have the ability to get more but want to make sure it works well. Would suggest you can use it all day, or you can put it on during mealtimes etc if you prefer. We expect they'll be REALLY nice.
Lakshman Swamy
agree with matt re: gloves. hand hygiene (washing with soap, sanitizer) is more than adequate.
Pat Maher
Thanks, this will be reassuring to teachers. Good also that they are easy to size.
Lakshman Swamy
yes, VERY easy to size. We want to push it out to get as many people to size before coming in as possible, but we know that won't be possible for most. Working on how to do that best. For the vast majority of adults, a small or medium is the right size. We also have XS and L. Only issue is that people probably won't want to use a mask someone else has "sized" so hopefully those can go to other family members or something
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (Host)
Elisabetta del Re
Thank you all!