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Small Business Development Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Meredith L. Mooney
Link to apply for any boards, committees: https://www.brooklinema.gov/165/Boards-Commissions
Raul Fernandez
Warrant articles that might be of interest to the SBDC include:9-11 related to legalizing and regulating some types of Short Term Rentals;12 regarding acceptance of the Community Preservation Act;14 proposing to 1) increase the minimum age for purchasing tobacco – only people born before 1/1/1976 would be able to purchase tobacco products in Brookline, and 2) eliminates the ability of existing tobacco license holders to transfer their license to a new business owner;15 regarding opportunities for disadvantaged businesses;24-25 proposing that all required notices intended to provide information to businesses and residents be mailed to the current tenants and residents of each residential and commercial unit, rather than to only the property owner; and26 eliminating zoning off-street residential parking minimums in the Transit Parking Overlay District.