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Expert Advisory Panel 4: Public Health, Safety and Logistics - Shared screen with speaker view
Benjamin Linas
Waste water surveillance provides no clinical benefits. We could only say that there is more or less RNA in the water, we could not say what the % POS is, nor could we identify infected people to tell them that they have infection.
Susan Wolf Ditkoff (host)
As always — if there are PSB Staff in the zoom “attendee” group who would like to join this conversation as a zoom “panelist” please let us know and I will move you over. Thanks!
Lakshman Swamy
Benjamin Linas
I believe we were speaking about in general, not at lunch.
Lakshman Swamy
also were discussing plexiglass then which we still don't think is a good idea
Benjamin Linas
I need to leave now. Thank you for leading a good meeting and thank you to community colleagues who are raising the right questions in Q&A