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Urban Forest Climate Resiliency Master Plan Public Forum #2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie Weatherseed
Hi Jane, both a recording of the forum and the slideshow will be shared on our project page www.brooklinema.gov/urbanforest
Katie Weatherseed
Hi Kathleen, we will be discussing gas leaks a little later on in the presentation!
Katie Weatherseed
Thank you Ellen! We will be sure to avoid this in future presentations and in the final plan itself.
Katie Weatherseed
Thank you, Julia. Great point. And native vs. non-native will be a consideration, Sarah!
Katie Weatherseed
Hi Dlonne, at the moment Kyle isn't responding to any particular questions or comments. He's just reviewing the stem-by-stem inventory data.
Katie Weatherseed
And thanks, Linda. That will certainly be discussed in the plan.
Katie Weatherseed
Oh, apologies Faisal. I will copy and paste questions prior to responding in the future!
Katie Weatherseed
"Would it be possible for the mapping of existing tree species/health to be correlated with areas that are subject to precipitation based flood inundation?" That's a great idea, Pallavi! I will pass that idea along to Kyle.
Katie Weatherseed
"another consideration is habitat for birds and small animals." Very true, Ellen. Thank you.
Katie Weatherseed
"also, there seem to be some locations where there is frequent tree replacement (presumably because the trees in those locations have problems). is anyone thinking about why this happens and what can be done to change it (maybe the species, maybe other issues)." Great point, Ellen. This is something we are definitely thinking about. The recommendations coming out of this master plan should provide some information to help inform both our species choices and operation best practices.
deane Coady
I'm glad to hear you're planning to do a deeper dive into the gas leaks history, replantings in gas leaks areas, etc. I live in precinct 5 where there is a very high level of gas leaks and low density of street trees - they're planted along Cypress St. and then die. Why??
julia herskowitz
I may be wrong but at least on Harvard St. in CC, young trees keep getting planted and then are allowed to dry out. they just don’t have the depth of roots to access water in table.
Katie Weatherseed
"how much of any of your conclusions will be affected by the increasing number of taller buildings?" That's a great question, Ellen. We will certainly pass it along to Kyle to consider while developing recommendations.
Katie Weatherseed
Hi Sarah and Julia - thank you for your comments about young trees dying across Town. We've been particularly hit hard this summer due to the drought. But this is also definitely something that the recommendations that come out of this plan will address.
Kathleen Scanlon
Julia, those trees are also located near active gas leaks which could be affecting them.
Katie Weatherseed
"Is there an analysis of the # of trees vulnerable to or killed by gas leaks?" Hi Jane! As Kyle mentioned earlier in the presentation, we are collaborating with HEET as part of this project to look at gas leaks and their impact on trees.
Katie Weatherseed
Hi Michael and Ellen. Thank you for your comments on the vulnerable populations that Indrani discussed. These Environmental Justice Neighborhoods are defined by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affiars using most recent Census data.
Michael Berger
Thanks Katie but it still does not make sense.
Katie Weatherseed
Gotcha - thanks Michael. We can certainly discuss this at the end of the presentation when we open up for comments and questions!
Maya Norton
Re. Food Forests and Vulnerable Populations -I know that urban municipalities traditionally have not planted fruiting trees because of the debris they leave on the street. However, have we considered planting trees that offer fruit as food in low income and vulnerable areas (especially) to replace trees that have been lost in those areas? This offers the double benefit of carbon sinking (etc.) and offering a free source of food for the local communities.
deane Coady
Yes. Congratulations Erin!!
deane Coady
As part of this study, could we look at adding food waste collection in our parks as we do the trash and recycling. The food waste could then be used as compost to feed our trees! This will also reduce our trash significantly.
Hugh Mattison
I am thinking that we should talk in person to each abutter of a new tree and possibly give them a Tree-Gator watering bag so they can water more easily. When no bag is used, water tends to run off into the street.
David Lowe
Type in wrong window I think: David Lowe (You) 07:09 PMExc. presentation! Thx for all the detailed work! On the question of managing Norway Maple on private lands (or other trees), will Town be able to provide guidance? Also, can residents and community associations, etc. be engaged to collaborate with the town? Thanks! David Lowe, Pct. 11 TMM and CAB BoardDavid Lowe (You) 07:19 PMDoor hangers are great! They would be useful also to warn abutters when a tree is scheduled to be cut. On Mason Terrace, we returned home to find our c. century-old Ginko vanished! We were surprised. Replacement sappling died :-( David Lowe
ellen hertzmark
slow streets and narrowed streets. we should not be too single minded. we also need to consider fire department ancces, and,hopefully very unlikely, but necessary to consider, evacuation in case of emergency.
ellen hertzmark
as climate changes, 'native' tree habitat will migrate.
Stephen Burrington
Great presentation — strong foundation for creating an action plan. Congratulations to Brookline for appointing a great DPW Commissioner.
deane Coady
This presentation makes me think Robinson Park redesign should include a LOT of shade trees since it's an area in precint 5 where many will want to be in shade on very hot days. The streets are very hot - heat deserts galore unfortunately.
Maya Norton
Thank you, Tom. Those were the issues I thought might be problematic, along with pest management. The allergen issue is new to me.
Katie Weatherseed
"Are the regulations for public trees in place in Cambridge being looked at? will the presentation be available on line?" - Hi Roslyn, we are definitely in contact with Cambridge, especially since they are developing their own Urban Forestry Master Plan! You can find our presentation on our project page www.brooklinema.gov/urbanforest